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Solar Thermal Systems

In a typical American home, water heating with conventional fuels (natural gas, electricity, or oil) can account for 25% or more of your total household energy consumption. Solar thermal hot water, in contrast, uses free, renewable energy from the sun to heat your water, providing a clean, green, cost-effective alternative for domestic hot water, space heat, commercial applications and pool heat.

Solar thermal hot water systems are a well-established, cost effective, pollution-free technology. An estimated one million residential and 200,000 commercial solar hot water systems have already been installed throughout the United States and with new tax credits and incentives there has never been a better time to invest in a solar thermal renewable energy system.
By harnessing free solar energy, a solar thermal system from Harris- Dudley is a valuable alternative to conventional domestic hot water systems. On average, if you install a solar hot water system in your home, your water heating bills should drop 55% - 90%. Also, because the sun is free, you're family is protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes. Other financial benefits include:
·         A proven economic payback
·         Solar energy systems take advantage of the sun's free energy all year.
·         Federal and state tax credits help pay up to 50% of the cost and local utilities offer additional financial incentives.
·         Between tax credits and energy savings, solar thermal hot water offers a faster return on your investment than other solar energy systems.
·         Lower first-time start up cost than geothermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) electric systems.
A solar thermal hot water system from Harris-Dudley will decrease the need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds, reducing your energy bill, increasing your energy independence, and provide numerous environmental benefits, such as:
·         Solar energy is an unlimited resource.
·         Solar energy does not produce harmful emissions or pollution.
·         Solar energy does not require transport, transmission lines or pipelines like conventional fuel.
·         Solar water heating systems installed in the U.S. help reduce our household energy consumption, and the nation's reliance on fossil fuels.
With energy prices increasing, investing in a solar thermal hot water system is the one of the smartest actions you can take to save money on your utility bill while doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A solar thermal hot water system is a long-term investment that will save you money and energy for many years. If you are looking for a reasonable and effective way to incorporate renewable energy into your home, heating water with solar collectors is the best place to start.



How It Works

Most solar water-heating systems for buildings have two main parts: a solar collector(s) and a solar storage tank(s).
Solar water heaters use the sun to heat a heat-transfer fluid in the collector. Heated fluid is pumped from the collector in the bottom of the solar storage tank into a heat exchanger where heat energy is transferred from the fluid to potable water. Heated water is then held in the storage tank ready for use, with a conventional system or electric element providing additional heating as necessary.

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